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How To Cook The Best 2023 Spaghetti

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The Best 2023 Spaghetti Recipe | Farahfeeds
The Best 2023 Spaghetti Recipe | Farahfeeds


🤌🏼 Be generous with salt.

🤌🏼 Your secret ingredient is one Tsp oil that prevents spaghetti from sticking together.

🤌🏼 Always add spaghetti to boiling water.

🤌🏼 Garish with herbs such as fresh basil or parsley.

🤌🏼 Adding lime or lemon juice gives spaghetti additional flavor.

🤌🏼 Always save ½ or more cup of spaghetti juice and add to your sauce( depends on the amount of the sauce)

How do you know if spaghetti is cooked?

You have to taste it to find out, it has to be tender to the bite, a little bit of resistance and no mash. Alternatively, you could throw a strand of spaghetti at the wall and see if it sticks! 😅

What you need:

Preparation: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 8-10 minutes


🍝 1 Pack of thin spaghetti Fedelini

🍝 2 Tbsp pink salt

🍝2 tbsp any cooking oil (it stops spaghetti to stick together)

🍝4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

🍝4 tbsp grated parmesan cheese

🍝4 cloves garlic, finely chopped

🍝5 cups of boiling water


  1. Add boiling water in to a large pasta/spaghetti pot, over medium high.

  2. Add salt and oil to boiling water.

  3. Place the spaghetti vertically in to the pan in one minute, gently twist the spaghetti with a spaghetti tongs.

  4. Cook spaghetti according to package instructions, 8-10 minutes. Note: To check the spaghetti progress, lift a strand of spaghetti and taste, it has to be nice and firm, but not overcooked or crunchy.

  5. Save ½ spaghetti water to add in to your sauce.

  6. Drain the spaghetti using a colander.

  7. Return spaghetti to the pan, add salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

  8. Pour sauce and meatballs over spaghetti and toss gently to combine.

  9. Garnish with Grated parmesan cheese and parsly.

Bon Appetite

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